Three Major Types of Online Slots Games

There are three major types of online slots games; these are the video slots, progressive slots and the reel slots. These three types of online slots games may have their similarities but their differences are great. That is why a player must check out and understand the rules and features of these games before playing. The most important things to determine closely are the pay lines, the coins, bonus features, the symbols and the game itself.

Objective of Online Slots Games

Essentially, online slot games main purpose is to spin the slot machine reels and to win. The player must get three or more symbols identically in an enabled pay line. What is payline? Pay line is a line that crosses all the reels on the slot machine, it may come in diagonal, vertical or zigzag form. As a player, you do not need to memorize the pay line configurations since the slot machine itself will determine your winning. The size of the payout is based on the rules of a slot machine and the symbols provided.

Mechanics of Playing Online Slots Games

Reel Slots

When comparing reel slots and the conventional mechanical slot machines, we can see and say that their difference is too minimal. Reel slots do consist of three reels and 1-5 pay lines in each game. The playing mechanics are very easy and basic, the player only needs to decide on the size of the coin and the number of coins that he wants to bet, and then quickly press the button SPIN. Then just wait for a minute for the wheel to stop spinning in a certain position. And if you get three or more identical symbol in a row then you win the game.

Progressive Slots

Online progressive slots are the newest modified form of slots games. Technically, progressive slots come in three to five reels. Take note that all progressive jackpot slot machines were linked to each other. Wherever you are playing, it does not matter. Here’s the rule of the game: every time a player joins the game, a portion amount from his bet is immediately added to the jackpot. So, the jackpot prize will keep on increasing until someone gets the winning combination.

Video Slots

Among the three types, video slot game is known as the complex one. Video slots have five reels and more than one hundred pay lines are in the machine. Meaning, there are thousands of ways to win the game. Before playing the game, you must first choose the size and the quantity of the coins to be wagered on the enabled pay lines. Then clicking the SPIN button is the next step. After that, wait and watch for a while for the result to come out. The position of the wheel will be the determinant if you get the winning combination. If you do, it will also determine how much you have won.

Those are the basic details on how these three major types of online slots games can be played. Search for an online casino site and try your luck on online slots games.